11 science-based tips to make your first date a perfect one

The dating world is tricky, but one of the biggest hurdles is the first date. After that, you should think about what you will be doing.

I understand that you are nervous. But it’s best if you make a plan. This will ensure that the date runs smoothly and that you both have a great time together. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of 11 tips to help you get there. These tips are backed up by scientific evidence. Put them into practice and your date will go great.


For the first date, where it goes is very important. It sets the tone for who you are and your future dates. In most cases, you need to choose a neutral location where nothing distracts you. Always follow this advice if you don’t know the person very well and are not sure what they like.

Places like these help people focus more on getting to know each other better. You can focus on the conversation and find common topics of conversation easily.

This is much better than choosing some bright, specific place and realizing that it does not suit your companion. This will be very embarrassing as you will have to stay there, at least until you finish eating.

So instead of a traditional dinner and movie trip, suggest a more neutral setting. For example, a local bar or cafe. In such a relaxed atmosphere, more attention is paid to interesting communication with each other. And everyone feels at ease.

The beauty of this environment is that if something doesn’t work out, you can leave after the first drink. If you find that the conversation is going well, you can always stay longer.

Author: editor