20 words and phrases you should avoid saying to your partner at all costs

We all get angry from time to time. Sometimes we are to blame for this, and sometimes we are forced by circumstances. This also happens in relationships. We often argue about the most absurd things, and without even realizing that things can get out of hand pretty quickly. But no matter how angry you are, there is something you should never say. After all, the words spoken cannot be returned. Let’s find out which words and phrases are best avoided.


It is believed that in the first place it is not worthwhile to elevate things to the absolute in a conversation. The words “never” and “always” are rarely true and are usually spoken when the person is angry. They are usually used in baseless accusations. “You never cook for me.” “Friends are always more important to you.” Here are some examples that show that extremes don’t sound convincing.

Instead, stick to the facts, as it allows you to be extremely honest about the issue. And your partner won’t have to defend against your attacks. So, avoid the words “never” and “always” and use the facts. It is important.

Author: editor