Practicing this will have positive effects on your relationship

Now it’s not about the fact that both partners have to put in a lot of effort and work to keep the relationship going. Of course, if they are not actively supported, sooner or later the relationship will collapse. At the same time, there are several things you can do without your partner’s intervention. They will help your personal growth and emotional peace. And they will strengthen your relationship. We’ll talk about developing awareness.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relations conducted a study in July 2020. Their result is proof of the link between mindfulness and healthier relationships. Read on to find out how this secret tip can help you overcome any obstacles in your relationship.

So what is awareness? This is your ability to think over your every step and do nothing for nothing. Your mind should be completely focused on your life. Instead of thinking about the past, think about the future. A good way is to meditate. This allows you to fully experience the present, and over time, this awareness penetrates into everyday life.

To test its impact on relationships, the research team surveyed 847 heterosexual couples. For the purposes of this study, three things were looked at: lack of response, lack of judgment, and attentiveness.

Lack of reaction means accepting emotions, not reacting to them. Being mindful means acting with a purpose and not letting impulses influence your actions.

Lack of judgment is the ability to critically analyze a situation. In addition to the survey to test partners’ attention levels, there were also questions to determine their understanding of stress, sexual satisfaction and relationship quality.

Author: editor