How to earn money fast

Nowadays it’s getting harder to survive. But there is a lot of tips to earn something extra not only to pay bills, but also to get some treat. Let’s discover how you can get extra cash quickly.

Sell useless clothes

Everybody has some clothes, shoes and bags they bought but never used. Sometimes there is even a label on it! You can clean up your boxroom and find a lot of stuff useless for you, but useful for someone else. Find a website to sell second-hand things, make a photo and earn some extra money quickly.

Bonus: clean house.

Swap in your old phone

If you think that your old phone is useless but you didn’t put it down to the drain for some reason, it’s your chance to earn. Even Amazon or Ebay can help you to make away with your old iPod, or laptop (if it still works of course) and get some tip for it.

Bonus: environmently-friendly way to get away old gadgets.

Get a lift to people

If you have a car, you can easily apply to taxi app and earn quick money. Lots of apps offer daily or weekly payments, so you won’t have to wait to your monthly salary.

Bonus: some of companies offer free car washing to drivers.

Deliver flowers

People are lazy, so there is always a possibility to apply to deliver job. You can choose everything you want – food delivery, gifts or flowers. There is space and earnings for everyone.

Bonus: happy faces of people who you delivering for.

Author: editor